Central Arkansas Flying Club

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of six aircraft, four of which are owned by the Club. All aircraft are rented on a dry basis,
i.e., the renting member is responsible for filling the aircraft with full at the conclusion of each flight. The published rates for aircraft may be subject to change without notice.

Debonair1 Resized


1964 Beechcraft B-33 Debonair (225 hp), Registration No. N8968M
Garmin 430 GPS (WAAS enabled) with moving map
Constant speed prop
Retractable gear
A well maintained, four seat complex airplane perfect for cross country flying.
Rate: $115.00 per hour (dry)

1969 Beechcraft B-55 Baron, Registration No. N29DD
Twin Engine
Garmin 530 GPS (WAAS enabled) with moving map
Garmin 496 GPS
Retractable gear
A gorgeous, six seat twin engine aircraft.

4468J Interior

1967 Cherokee 140/160 (160 hp), Registration No. N4468J
IFR Certified
Garmin GNC 300 XL GPS with moving map
Low time four seat, IFR capable low-wing aircraft
New paint and interior in 2007
Rate: $75.00 per hour (dry)

4316Q Interior

1971 Cessna 172L (180 hp), Registration N4315Q
IFR Certified
Garmin 430 GPS (WAAS enabled) with moving map
Garmin GTX345 Transponder with ADS-B Out and In interfaced to Garmin 430 (traffic and weather display on the Garmin 430 and/or bluetooth enabled iPad with Foreflight)
Four seat IFR trainer
Rate: $85.00 per hour (dry)

Cessna 172E (145 hp), Registration N5736T
Low cost, four seat VFR trainer
Rate: $65.00 per hour (dry)

4958T Resized

1972 Cherokee 140 (w/150 hp conversion) Registration No. N4958T
IFR Certified
Two seat
New paint/recent interior
Air Conditioned
Rate: $75.00 per hour (dry)

All rates include applicable sales tax.