About Us

How CFAC Started

In 2014, four area pilots saw the need for a flying club in the Saline County, Arkansas area, which at that time had no aircraft available for rental by area pilots and student pilots. Several meetings (and cups of coffee) later, the Central Arkansas Flying Club, Inc. was formed with four founding members and a single leased aircraft.

CFAC's Purpose

The purpose of the Club is to provide a social, aviation-oriented outlet for its members, to promote aviation to the Central Arkansas community, to promote aviation safety, and to make flying as safe and affordable as possible for its members. The Club is made up of both pilots, student pilots and non-pilots, and Club members range in age from 12 to 72. The Club is operated as an Arkansas non-profit corporation, has been granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a part of the Club’s mission to promote aviation safety, the Club offers regularly scheduled safety classes, check rides, seminars and other safety-related group activities. Flight and ground school instruction is offered by FAA-certified instructors allowing members to learn to fly or to obtain advanced ratings.

Corey Haydar (student) with Instructor Charles Sanders

"I would have to say that the experience was not as nerve-racking as I anticipated. As I have discovered in the past with flying you do not have time to be nervous or worried, in reality I found myself only focused on the aircraft and the way it was operating while pushing all fear and nervousness outside of my thoughts without even thinking about it. I have always heard that your instructor knows when you are ready for your solo, I believe this to be absolutely true and noticed that my reactions while flying are now second nature almost like riding a bike." - Corey Haydar (regarding his first solo experience)

CAFC Members

As a non-profit organization, the Club does not “profit” from its members. Club dues are used solely to pay the recurring regular expenses of the Club, such as insurance premiums and other costs, to pay for the operation of the Club aircraft, and to maintain a reserve fund for future maintenance and other expenses related to Club aircraft. Any “profit” made by the Club is refunded back to the members through the reduction of aircraft rental rates or improvements made to the Club-owned Aircraft.

The Club is ultimately operated and governed by its members. All members in good standing are entitled to vote on any matter which is placed to the membership pursuant to the Club’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; are entitled to vote for the Club’s directors; and are eligible to serve as officers or directors of the Club.

Central Arkansas Flying Club, Inc.

1100 Hill Farm Road

Bryant, AR 72022

Phone: (501) 776-7212

Phone: (501) 860-8642

Email: FlyCentralAR@gmail.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/GJv8FhBv5W